G-Blok® – Compact Modular Valves

G-Blok® TF and TT Modular Top Entry Construction valves and SF – ST Side Entry valves replace conventional bulky assemblies with their numerous leak paths with valves built on a modular principle offering reduced weight and space and less potential for leaking.

The Galperti Engineering SF and ST Modular valves, with their Side Entry Construction, offer a significant weight and space saving over conventional modular valves.The range includes: Side Entry Bolted Bonnet – Floating, Side Entry Bolted Bonnet – Trunnion Mounted, Side Entry Bolted Bonnet L style (3 balls) – Floating and Side Entry Bolted Bonnet L style (3 balls) – Trunnion Mounted

The GALPERTI Monoflange has been designed primarily to replace multi-valve assemblies with a single manifold. Main advantages over a typical system include compactness and weight saving which leads to reduced stresses from loading and vibration, fewer potential leak points and a reduction in installation and maintenance times. Galperti Engineering’s development programme has led to a full range of both Process and instrument Block, Block and Bleed, and Double Block and Bleed flanged manifolds.

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