Compact Flanges

The Compact flange provides everything that a standard flange does not – space saving, reduced weight and, perhaps most importantly, a guaranteed leak-free connection.

The reduced dimensions of the compact flange are achieved by reducing the seal diameter, which in turn, reducesthe cross-section area of the seal faces. Second, the gasket is replaced by a seal ring which works with the seal faces, not against them, to ensure face-to-face mating, so that only low seating forces are required to compress the seal faces. With lower pressures needed, both the size and number of the bolts can be reduced, ultimately providing a smaller, lighter-weight connection – approximately 70-80 percent smaller and lighter than typical ANSI flanges.

The key advantage of the compact flange over the ANSI flange is that it will not leak, thus providing cost savings both in terms of avoiding lost product and maintenance, as well as improving health and safety. In a compact flange, only a small amount of the total bolt pre-load is used to compress the seal. The major part of the bolt pre-load is transferred through the mating flange faces, creating a static face-to-face connection unaffected by the internal pressure or the external loads acting on the flange. Once pressure-tight after assembly, a compact flange, being a static connection, will always remain pressure-tight.

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